Tuesday, March 13, 2007


FAB - The Many Faces of Romance Week has come to an end. That's a bummer, I know. Frankly, it's been such a great week for us, having two FABulous authors hanging out, answering questions, and just dishing with us. Alyssa and Lani really made this week fun, didn't they?

But you want to hear about the winners, right? Well, I can do that. The following people are FAB winners:
The winner of the celebrity couple name of Lani and Fish (LASH) contest for a signed copy of The Fortune Quilt is... KAREN.
The winner of the tell your favorite Atlantis memory and all about your favorite quilt contest for a signed copy of The Fortune Quilt and a mystery prize is... MAUREEN.
The winner of the "BIG CONTEST" for 4 signed copies of Lani's books, plus cool prizes from Alyssa is... MICHELLE.

As these authors are totally on the ball and already asking where to send the prizes, I need you three ladies to contact me ASAP at deeanddeedish@sbcglobal.net with your snail mail address. That way, we can get that info to these FABulous authors and they can get your goodies in the mail to you.

If you didn't win anything during this FAB week, don't give up on us. I've got another special week coming up, called "Hometown Hero week". I'm going to review some books set right here in my own hometown. As a special sneak peek at winning the contest, start thinking up either A) your favorite book set in your hometown, or B) why your hometown should (or should NOT) be featured in a book.

Make sure you get to your local bookstore today and pick up The Fortune Quilt and Atlantis Rising. My copy of AR is finally in at the store, and I'm going to pick it up in the morning. I can hardly wait. Have you ordered yours yet? What about TFQ? I've already read it 4 times, and loved it more each time. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it as well!

And remember to thank both Lani and Alyssa for dropping in all week. They were both just FABulous!

Keep turning those pages!


DeeandDee said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Sigh, no book should be set in my hometown. Although I think there are a few non-fiction books about the Dalton Gang that are out and about, but really, no one wants to read that!

dee said...

That's one of the things I want to talk about in that post: What makes a town a good setting.
Hopefully, a few of our writer friends will drop in during that week and share some of their thoughts with us.

Michelle said...

Oh, wow! I will abstain from now on, but I'm soooooo excited!!!

I don't know of any novels (short stories maybe) about my hometown . . . my home state, yes, but usually those end up with people wrestling alligators or marrying their cousins, and that's just no good.

What is the quote about if there is a book you want to read that hasn't been written, then you must write it? Forgot who said that.

Karen said...

Oh, wow, thank you guys! And thanks for the great FAB week!

Caffey said...

Congrats to all the winners!