Friday, March 9, 2007

FAB Week: Because We Firmly Believe That RIFFE! Last Chance Contest!

Do you remember that? RIFFE? Back in the day, the schools did RIFFE: Reading Is Fun For Everyone. I loved RIFFE. Every student got a free book, and we did reading challenges for other fun prizes, and it really did make reading fun. Because really, reading should be fun. Now, the schools do RIF: Reading Is Fundamental. And sure, reading is, but kids don't want to hear that, fundamentals are boring, they want fun! I don't think that changes as we get older, either. We still want to read because it's fun, not necessary. On the upside, kids now get a free book three times a year instead of just one, but still.

So in the spirit of the old school RIFFE, I offer you the final contest in this months FAB week. If your entry is drawn, you will win a signed copy of THE FORTUNE QUILT and just like back in the day, a fun prize to go along with it! All you have to do, is take a walk down memory lane, and tell us two things. 1 - An Atlantis story, maybe you played Atlantis when you were younger? Have you read about Atlantis? Seen a movie? What sparked your imagination about it? 2 - Tell us about your favorite quilt and why it's your favorite quilt. Is it one you made? One some one gave you? Why is it so special?

And since I believe in playing fair, I'll tell you my responses to the two. The Atlantis one takes me back to my childhood. When we were growing up, we always had a pool. Summers were spent playing and laughing with friends and family. And this is where I tell you we were nerds. Big Time. My sisters, cousins, and I would spends days on end in the pool, inventing new games, and one of them was "Discover Atlantis", we had these goggles that covered our whole faces, and we would go on Deep Sea Missions (quite a feat, since the pool was only 5 ft deep) and search for the riches of the Lost City, and one person was always IT (The Guardian of Atlantis), and whenever we got close to the treasure, the explorer and the Guardian, would have a flip off. Meaning, we would put on our full-face goggles, and see who could do the most flips in a row without coming up for air. If the Guardian won, the treasure stayed lost, if the explorer won they were rich, meaning, they made the rules for the next game. Like I said, we were nerds, but man was it a fun game and we laughed for hours because of it. As for the quilt? My favorite one is one I don't even have yet. In fact, I don't have any quilts, but my best friend A is making me one, and knowing her it will be the perfect quilt. But more than anything, it will be my favorite, because she lives so very far away, and when I finally have it, and wrap it around me, it will be like having her with me at all times.

See now, easy peasey. If you'd like, you can blog your entry, just leave the link to it in the comments section of this post, so we can get it in. And don't forget, you still have time to enter the MEGA contest, just click here for details. This week-end, dee and I both have interviews with Lani and Alyssa to post, and on Monday, winners will be announced!

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jennybrat said...

1. The legend of Atlantis didn't really capture my imagination until I read Irish Johanson's Reap the Wind. I think it's interesting so many people spent time and energy hypothesising the location of Atlantis. It certainly makes good fodder for fiction!

2. My fav quilt was really my security blanket. It's been with me since my earliest memories and was made by my grandmom who's no longer with us. It's worn from the years of use and even though I no longer sleep with it, I still can't bear to part with it.

Maureen said...

1. I vaguely remember discussing Atlantis and whether or not we believed it was possible when I was in school.
2. My favorite quilt has to be the one I embroidered for my daughter when I was pregnant with her.

ellie said...

1. When I was young I read books, children's books that described and depicted Atlantis. I was always entranced with this world since no one could really explain its existence but always wanted to discover it and be famous.
2.My late mother was very creative. She embroidered and sewed creations. She had been collecting scraps of material for a long time and began assembling them for a quilt. It was a beautiful and colorful quilt for my twin bed. I cherished it and miss it still.

alissa said...

1.Atlantis was a special myth to me and I used to read all the articles and books I could get at the library about this civilization. It looked very mysterious and I loved the idea that it could exist.
2. A quilt that I recall vividly is one that my grandmother made for me when I was little. She worked diligently on this lovely and special quilt for months. I appreciated her hard work and the beauty that she put into this quilt and wish that I could be as artistic.

diane said...

1. The Legend of Atlantis is a topic that we discussed in Grade 5. We had to write a composition about this imaginary land and I let my imagination run wild with a wonderful and unique approach to this mythical civilization.
2. My mother loves to interior decorate and she would redo my room every few years. When I was 8 years old she brought home a gorgeous quilt that a good friend had made for me. This quilt was the color of the moon, the stars and the sky. I loved this quilt and cherished the beauty and fine work.

Laura Florand/Blame It on Paris said...

The Memory Quilt my mother made me. But I just posted about this the other day, in conjunction with Lani's Fortune Quilt! Are Great Minds thinking alike? :)

(I KNOW I should not enter, it is probably Bad Form for authors to enter or something, but I am so greedy for this book.)

danetteb said...

1. I don't know what triggered my facination with Atlantis.I just know that whenever Atlantis comes up anywhere,in books,tv,movies,idle conversation,etc,the light bulb turns on over my head and I starting thinking about where all the mythological creatures came from.(Atlantis is on of my HAppy Thoughts)

2. My grandma gave me the quilt I used to sleep in as a teenager.I lived with her during my junior and some of my senior year of high school, I always had to be home before 9p.m. The quilt always brings back those years,eventhough my children have beat it up a little .

Caffey said...

1. I learned the fables about Atlantis through romance books! And once I did, I wanted to learn more about these myths and read even more stories. It started when I read a fantasy romance (Greek gods) and realized how much I was missing and found more and more legends and mythology and I'm catching up more and not just reading the romance ones but finding some articles on the net and library about Atlantis. I have so much to learn on it that I'm so looking forward to reading Atlantis Rising!

2. I have an old quilt here called Martha's Vineyard that I had saw in a store and was captivated of the beauty in the material, the sewing and all. Jim surprised me getting it for me. This was so early in our marriage (23 years now). So its always here on my couch that I can pull out and wrap up with anytime of the year.

Just a note too, I've used to crochet afgans as well as my grandmother and we would donate them to the doctor who ended up making house calls back then and giving them to his older patients. I keep up the tradition still by donating them to nursing homes. So I find that since I'm not good with being able to do quilting (I've always had a hard time with the sewing machine, but exactly the opposite with crocheting) that I love the one I have and its fading but its my first quilt

Dena said...

1.When I was younger I first heard about it on a show I think it was something like The Man from Atlantis? with Patrick Duffy. It always was a neat story to hear about,but a few years ago I read a book by Robin Cook called Abduction,it was fascinating and I couldn't put it down.Ever since then I love reading everything about Atlantis. I just finished a book called The Dream Hunter and the heroine is searching for Atlantis. I can't wait to read Atlantis Rising.

2.My Favorite Quilt is one that my Grandma made me.It had to have taken her forever to make.It is queen size with about 4 inch by 4 inch puffed squares.It is multi-colored and stuffed with old nylons.It so beautiful!

Sheri said...

1)Growing up being fascinated in Greek mythology, Atlantis was always something I wondered about. The concept that an entire culture could be lost in an instant seems so incredible, but if one looks at the evidence to support such a claim one can't help but believe. Why else would one of the most important historians of all time have mentioned it if it hadn't happened?

2) My favorite quilt. Oh, this is easy. My nanny used to make flannel quilts and she made one for me when I was a baby. I used it for YEARS--it was white with little babies crawling around on it. I finally had to put it away because it was so worn out from all the love I gave it growing up. The most incredible feeling of love came over me the day I wrapped my old quilt around my first child and handed her to her great grandma... I now have a big quilt that my Nanny made and I still sleep with it to this day. It is my most prized possession, though she would laugh if she knew. But when I wrap that big flannel quilt around me it feels like I am wrapping myself up in her love. She's been gone for a little over 14 years now, and I still miss her every day. But I still have my baby quilt and my big quilt to keep her love close to me even though she is gone.

amy said...

1. The legend of Atlantis always intrigued me, but only up to a point, because I really have this suffocation-fear thing going on. As a kid I couldn't even watch Jacques Cousteau, and I still look away (and hold my breath unconsciously) during suspenseful underwater scenes in movies and such. Can't stand them.

2. My mom made us quilts when we were young. I was maybe around 7 or 8. It's a basic quilt, smaller squares positioned like diamonds on larger squares. She wasn't a quilter per se, which makes it more special, in a way, because she decided she wanted to make her kids quilts and just figured out how to do it.

My sister made my first son a quilt, too, a lap quilt, beautiful patchwork. That one is also special to me.

anna said...

1. Atlantis has always had this special fascination and beauty for me. I was always entranced with the mythology and history of this entire culture so I read avidly about the explorers who deeply believed in this concept. It has an aura of mystery and romance intertwined.
2. A quilt that has so much sentimental value to me is one that my grandmother had made. It was pieced together with her own unique and artistic ability. Within the beauty of this quilt are bits and pieces of her background and history which is extremely meaningful and touching.

McB said...

1. Well of course I had heard of Atlantis, the legend. And I'm pretty sure I've read other books with that as a theme. I vaguely recall a romance about a land guy helping save Atlantis. But what always comes to mind, sorry, is the old Aquaman comics. I'm such a simple soul. I've gotten away from reading books with a fantasy element and I don't know why. I'll have to drift back and catch up. Maybe with Alyssa's book?

2. Favorite quilt ... easy one. My grandmother made quilts and I had one on my bed for years that just got worn out. I have another made by my dad's older sister that I haven't used for fear of wearing it out. But my favorite is a lap sized quilt my grandmother made. Its done in squares of jewel toned flannel with red facing. I love jewel tones anyway and this one is just the perfect size for snuggling up in a chair with a good book.


DeeandDee said...

McB - Definitely check out Atlantis Rising, the Romance is very strong, and so is the Fantasy element. It really is the perfect mix for anyone who wants to try something different, but still wants the good old fashioned Romance, too.

And really, thinking of comics when you think of Atlantis is probably way better than me remembering my silly childhood games :)