Wednesday, March 7, 2007

FAB - The Many Faces of Romance Week

Will you just take a look at those covers? Aren't they different? But aren't they both captivating? It just depends on my mood, as to which one I find more appealing at any given moment. Basically, that's a lot like the books I read.

Most of you know that Dee is the one that likes the para stuff, while I tend to lean more towards women's fiction or historicals. I thought about talking through the whole genre issue, then thought - "WTF?". We're talking about BOOKS here, aren't we? Things that you read? Wonderful tools used to escape a sometimes boring, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes wonderful, life. Our readers are intelligent enough to understand that not every single book that either one of us reviews is going to appeal to every single person that reads this site. And that's OK.

We each bring something different to our reviews, and that's evident in the books that we choose, isn't it? Yes, we have some authors that we both can't wait to read. You've seen when that happens, and it's fun for both of us. Crusie, Foster and Phillips jump immediately to mind. We love when we get to do a Dual/Duel review, but that happens very rarely. The reason for that is because we both enjoy different kinds of books, and in order to Duel, we have to both read the book. There are also authors that one of us loves and the other one - ummm, not so much. You saw that last Christmas, remember?

The point I'm trying to make is that we love books. We love all sorts of books. We love books from many different genres with many different labels. We won't restrict our reviews to a certain type of book, or a certain type of author, because that wouldn't be fair to you, or to us. We just hope that you will enjoy our journey, and maybe even try a few of the authors that are beyond your normal scope. I've tried lots of new authors after some of Dee's reviews, and I know she's also tried some new ones after mine. Maybe the light green cover with the toad appeals to you. Maybe you like the darker one with the bare chested warrior. Without going all cliche about not judging a book by its cover (which, come ON, how the heck else are you supposed to choose a book that you haven't read?), I want you to know that each of these books is going to be great for different readers. If you're adventurous, you'll try them both. And we want to hear about it when you do!

Keep turning those pages!

PS- Send Dee some "get well" vibes. She's down hard with what sounds like strep. (((Poor Baby))) her to death in the comments, will ya? And don't you dare forget to enter the CONTEST. Remember, it's as easy as copying a cover and a BCC (your choice which one, double points for BOTH!!), and putting them up on your blog, then linking back here (and you have to come back here and tell us you did it, or we won't know!). OR, if you don't have a blog, post the BCC and a link to us on your favorite forum or group (again, come tell us where it is!). Awesome prize for the winner!


dee said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...
I was in my local BIG CHAIN bookstore last night, to pick up all of the new relaeases. I DID see TFQ, but did NOT see AR. I asked about it, and according to their computer, there were 26 in the store, but none could be found. Mine is now on order. Which bums me, because that means we can't DuelIt.
However, I *did* see SB, by Richelle Mead, and bought that one. It's beyond my normal range of books, but it just looked so good last month that I had to try it. So far, so good. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done!

Helen Marie said...

Hey just letting ya know poted both books on my myspace blog.

Helen Marie

Lani Diane Rich said...

Dee! Hope you feel better! (((Poor Baby)))

I'll bet they were already sold out of AR - it's flying off the shelves! :)

dee said...

Would you believe that there were four other requests for AR yesterday, and that was just at the Info counter with the one info guy. He asked "What's this book about anyway? Women keep coming in asking for it." I told him he should read it and find out. :)
As for TFQ, there was only ONE copy, out of 10 that they'd ordered, left on the shelves. And I wasn't the one that bought the other 9, so those were selling pretty well too!
Alas, none of Beth's books were in the store, but again, they much have been in the same box with AR, because the computer was showing 5 of them.
Who knows. That's one of the reasons I really like the Indie bookstores, but we don't have any around here. :(

Robin L said...

Well, I'm not surprised TFQ is flying off the shelves because it is such a freakin' good book!!

Seriously, I'm a dyed in the wool Lani fan, and this is my favorite Lani book ever. Well, so far, anyway!

Happy release week, babe!

Michelle said...

(((Get Well Hugs for Dee!!!)))

I like being a genre-jumper. It keeps me on my toes. And YUM! I'm so glad you did a whole post (or most of one at least) devoted to both covers. They are both so fabulous!!!

dee said...

OH! Did you see? Robin dropped in too! Thanks Robin!!
For those of you that don't have the book yet (silly people! WHAT are you waiting for?) Lani gives Robin BIG thanks in the acknowledgments.
And for those of you that remember our Best Picks for 2006, Robin's book was one of my Picks.
Are you guys getting the idea that this is a pretty small world yet?

jennybrat said...

Get well soon!

Caffey said...

Dee, get well soon!!!