Thursday, March 8, 2007

FAB - The Many Faces of Romance - MAYBE BABY

The Many Faces of Romance week continues here at Dee and dee, and today I'm going to be doing a review of one of my favorite books by Lani Diane Rich, Maybe Baby. Truth be told though, saying it's one of my favorite books by Lani is kinda like saying that truffles are one of my favorite chocolates. Yes, it's true that I love truffles. But really? Yeah, chocolate is excellent, and I love it all. Is that an easy enough analogy to explain that I really love ALL of Lani's books? Hope so, cuz it's all I've got right now. Unless you want to talk about wine. Which reminds me... Lani likes to talk about wine on her podcast, so be sure to check that out, ok?

As for this book... mmmm, it's good. It's full of all sorts of fun stuff, like Boris and Natasha-type kidnappers, a wacky mom, a sexy almost husband, a sidekick with a soft spot and honest eyes, an almost wife with marriage issues, and a "fat, ugly, smelly, obnoxious green chicken" of a bird. Sound interesting? It is, I promise.

Dana Wiley has a moment of clarity one afternoon while saying her vows for the second time in a week. While gazing into the face of the laundry guy, she realizes she should have actually married the man she loved six years ago, instead of running the wrong way down the aisle. She's got more things on her mind than just her missed opportunities at matrimony though. With her failing winery as incentive, Dana decides to hang up her wedding dress again and ask her estranged mom, Babs, to co-sign a loan. She doesn't count on running into anyone else in Manhattan. Especially Nick.

Nick Maybe's torch for Dana never went all the way out, even though the breeze from her wedding dress as she ran from the altar really should have been enough to extinguish it for good. Doing odd jobs, and let me stress the odd, for Babs has kept him on the outskirts of Dana's life. But a woman with the Mark of the Beast offered him a chance to save Dana's winery. Since there's nothing Nick wouldn't do for Dana, even after six years without her, he takes a job in California and hopes for the best. He doesn't count on ever seeing Dana again though. Especially not sitting on the couch at Bab's place.

From the moment their eyes lock, sparks fly. But these two have a lot to get straightened out before they even think of starting over. They'll have to rescue Babs from kidnappers, rescue a bird from a bird thief, and maybe even rescue their own hearts - from each other.

Written in 3rd Limited, with just about everyone having a voice, this was actually a very fun read. Lani has a way of letting you inside the heads of some interesting characters, seeing the way their minds work, feeling their hearts beating, and wanting exactly what they want even when they aren't sure what that might be.

The story is tight, the writing is flawless, and the dialogue is brilliant. I was cheering for Dana and Nick from their very first scene together. They have such a great story. They love each other, that much is obvious. However, love isn't always enough, is it? She watched her parents marriage crumble, and she's terrified of the same thing happening to her. He wants her to trust him, but he doesn't really listen when she tries to express her fears. This book isn't about falling in love, it's about learning if the love you already share is enough. It's about having the courage to say "I'm sorry" and the strength to say "It's ok" and the guts to say "Let's try this again".

Passion? Yeah, it's here:

He kissed her, although not to shut her up. He kissed her because all the forces in God's green earth couldn't have stopped him, he wanted her so bad.

Profound thoughts? Yep. See:

Maybe the secret to being married was choosing someone who loved you enough to kick your ass if necessary.

See what I mean? It's just that good. The sexual tension is thick, the comedy is snort-worthy, and the honesty in this book just makes me want to weep. Plus, it's in the Lani-love basket for the winner of the BIG CONTEST. So make sure to enter. Or better yet, just pick this book up for yourself. This is one time that, if you ask me "Will I like it?" my answer will NOT be "Maybe baby". It's YES. Truly and unequivocally - yes, you will like this book.

Keep turning those pages!

PS - Don't forget to pick up Lani's newest book, The Fortune Quilt, already in bookstores. It's a great story. FABulous, really. I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did!! Also, for a chance to win a signed copy of The Fortune Quilt, tell me what celebrity couple name Lani has decided to use for her and hubby Fish. Here's a hint... you can find the answer over on the Literary Chicks website. Be warned though, unless you're a regular over there, you could spend hours reading through all of the old posts. That place is a riot! Leave your answers in the comments here and I'll pick one at random later in the week. Or, you can make up your own. Either way works for me. Just go buy The Fortune Quilt. Today!


Karen said...

Lash? I didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me.

Laura Florand said...

I like The Comeback Kiss (kind of a sequel) even better, because of the BIRD THIEF. Also, I love Babs in both.

Notice me making a conscious effort not to be greedy and therefore not entering this contest. Even though I COULD tell....

dee said...

I think TCK is funnier, but I still love MAYBE BABY better. I think it's because I really couldn't get enough of Nick. That man just made my blood boil. Almost as much as Ian in EX AND THE SINGLE GIRL . Now THAT man. woo-boy!

Lani said...

Thanks for the wonderful review, dee! I'm so glad you liked MB. It's got a special place in my heart because of the bird, actually! But TCK - mmm, baby, Finn's my kind of guy. Sarcastic and redheaded. Good thing I didn't find out "you can't have a redheaded hero" until after it was in print!

As for Lash, it's just too funny, especially when you consider how many ass-kickings Fish gets! LOL!

jennybrat said...

Lash sounds good to me. LOL

Lis said...

I'm stunned to see its the one I suggested, Lash! lol

Lani said...

Lis... go check out that post. There's some special information in my most recent post that you might find interesting... :)

Lani said...

Ummm... my most recent comment on that particular post, I mean! :)

jennybrat said...

Oh yeah, congrats, Lis!

Caffey said...

Oh that was a big blog so I wasn't sure where to go, plus,I don't know no celebrity couples cuz I don't watch movies, LOL so i went to, LOL and I picked out:
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

They looked great together :)
And its a pretty good site! I'll have to go there more, LOL
Beautiful review too Dee. Now so much I want to read!

Lani, your past books I understand were romance. What about The Fortune Quilt, is that romance as well?


Lis said...

Thanks Lani, hadn't seen your comment. Email on its way!

lani said...

Hey, Caffey - actually, I've been writing both romance and women's fiction. The difference is subtle, but it's there. The women's fiction (TIME OFF FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR, EX AND THE SINGLE GIRL, and THE FORTUNE QUILT) are written in first person, and follow one woman through a personal journey. The romances (MAYBE BABY and THE COMEBACK KISS) are written in third person, and follow a woman and a man through the course of a romance, with other stuff thrown in (like the bird in MB and the arson plot in TCK.) They're both fun, but different. All my women's fiction has romance, because I love me a hunky guy, but that's not the focus of the story. It's really about the journey. Thanks!

Caffey said...

Hi Lani!!! Oh thanks for answering! Its hard knowing sometimes if the woman's fiction will have a HEA so thats why I ask about there being a romance in them too. I recently into alot of reading of books in the first person. I remember before I used to hear others say that First Person too hard and I never gave it a chance. But once when I so wanted to read a book and started reading it and realized it was the first person, I loved it! So now I buy and it doesn't matter what its written in! I did spend some time at your site recently catching up and making a list! Thanks Lani for helping me out with all I ask :)