Monday, March 5, 2007

FAB - The Many Faces of Romance - THE FORTUNE QUILT

From the Back Cover Copy of The Fortune Quilt, by Lani Diane Rich:

Carly McKay's life is going just fine until she produces a television piece on psychic quilt maker Brandywine Seaver and receives a quilt with an enigmatic reading telling her that everything is about to change. Carly blows off the reading until it comes true. Her boss runs off with all the station's assets, leaving her jobless; her best friend, Christopher, proclaims his (unrequited) love for her, leaving her friendless; and her mother, who deserted the family seventeen years ago, returns, sending Carly into a serious tilt.

Convinced it's the quilt's fault, Carly races down to the small artists' community of Bilby, Arizona, to confront its maker, and ends up with an unexpected friend in Brandy - and in Will, the laid-back painter who rents the cabin next door. With quirky new buddies and no more deadlines, Carly starts to enjoy her reimagined life, until her old one comes calling. Now Carly has to decide what parts of each world she wants to patchwork in.. and how much she's willing to leave to fate.

I can't just say that I really loved this book, I think you should go out and buy it for yourself, I think you should call in sick to work to read it, and leave it at that, can I?

No, you're right. That wouldn't really be fair. I mean, I chose it as FAB-ulous, and that title alone means something around here. As you learned from Dee last month, we take our FAB Picks very seriously. They mean a lot to us, and we want to share them with you. When deciding who is going to be the next FAB Pick, it generally takes a lot of time, pulling of hair, gnashing of teeth, and maybe even a glass (or three) of wine and some decent chocolate. It's tough sometimes to find one book that stands out among all of the books that grace the shelves of the local (or big chain) bookstore. Sometimes, it's downright daunting. Then sometimes... it is really easy.

The Fortune Quilt was pretty easy. The cover is beautiful, isn't it? Even other authors are saying how much they like that cover. (Ok, the author in question is *also* FAB, so we know she's got great taste, but still.) The BCC is actually spot on. The quotes are honest, and not over the top (again, one of them is from a FAB author! Are you seeing the trend here?) From these things alone, you should be rushing out to your bookstore to pick this baby up. But still you sit there, reading what I have to say about it, huh? Well, okay then. I'll get on with the review!

Carly is just the type of person I like. She's not crazy, but she's not perfect either. She's made a habit out of keeping herself pretty well "together", out of necessity. She took over the raising of her family when her mom walked out the door, shortly after Carly turned 12. Growing up fast, she helped her dad hold their small Irish family together, and she gave up a lot in the process. She didn't regret it. Much. Now her life is starting to fall apart, and all Carly can do is watch from beneath the corner of the psychic quilt she's been given.

When Carly finds herself estranged from the family she spent her life protecting, she heads to the small artist colony of Bilby, Arizona. Hearing her life explode behind her, she has to learn who she is, and who she isn't, and who she just may be able to become. With a shot at being someone else, and a shot at loving someone new, Carly isn't sure if she ever wants her old life back. But it's not always as easy as walking away from your problems. Carly learns that sometimes, you have to face things to move on. And sometimes, you just have to let go.

Lani Diane Rich has written another winner with The Fortune Quilt. Carly is wonderful, and strong, and lost, and tortured, and in the end - she just rocks. She has great insights, like this one:

I can feel myself in the eye of a hurricane of emotion. I know that I have a choice. I can either stay where I am and remain in the middle of it, calm and strong and unbowed, or I can step into it and let the storm hit.

I won't tell you what she chooses. You'll just have to read it for yourself.

And what would this Lani book be without romance? It has some romance, let me tell you. Will Kelley is one of the most intriguing men to grace the pages of a book in a very long time. The chemistry between Will and Carly is fairly explosive, as evidenced here:

His fingers blaze a slow trail up to my face, then slide around the back of my head and he pulls me to him, his lips gliding over mine like a whisper. Now my entire body is zinging... "Is it just me, or was that kiss the kind of thing people write books about?"

Why yes, it was that kind of thing. And someone did write a book about it. Her name is Lani Diane Rich, and the book is The Fortune Quilt. And if you haven't decided to buy the book for yourself yet, I just don't know what else to say.

Oh yeah, enter the contest for your chance at a basket full of Lani-love. And a few goodies from Alyssa Day as well. Keep those contest entries coming for a chance to see your name up there in that sidebar. Plan on buying this book tomorrow. And, as always...

Keep turning those pages!



dee said...

ok, Dee, since I know you read this one already (you STILL have my copy!!) I want to know what you thought of it. Was it as good as I said, or better, or not, or what?
Because I just re-read it again last night, and I liked it even more.
AAMOF, I liked it sooo much that I bought a few extra copies when I went to see Lani on Saturday.
Anyone else out there already read it? Did you adore it too?

DeeandDee said...

Um, are you hinting that you want your copy back? I was under the impression it was mine :) Possesion being what is you know.

I loved the book. One of the things that I look for first and foremost is a sense of community. This book really did have a great cast of characters, that felt like family, and that's very important to me.

I also need to feel emotion when dealing with a book, and I tell you, I went through many with this book. I was mad for Carly, I was happy with Carly, heck, I WAS Carly, and that is truly FAB!

Take Care (But don't hold your breath for your book back)

lani said...

Thanks for the awesome review, Dee! I'm all verclempt!

dee said...

Dude, you are SO making up words! LOVE IT!!

Lani said...

Duuuuude, I so am not. Although I did spell it wrong. From, taken from Webster's:

Main Entry: verklempt
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: overcome with emotion; clenched; also written [ferklempt]
Etymology: Yiddish

Heh heh.

dee said...

Ah, spelled it wrong. That 'splains everything! Cuz it sure wasn't anywhere around when I tried looking it up. And here I thought you'd coined a whole new word just for lil ol me!