Sunday, November 19, 2006

Werewolf Rising - R.L. LaFevers

Note from Charity: The following review is from our August contest winner, Rebecca. I think she not only did a fabulous job with her entry, but with the review as well. R.L. LaFevers is the featured author over on the Cherry Forums this month, so we're kicking it off here with another review of her latest Werewolf Rising. If I can talk Michael, who has also reviewed this book for us, Rebecca into it, I would like to do an interview with them about the other LaFevers books. So, hop on over to the Forums and ask LaFevers everything you ever wanted to know! And now, the review......

Hello blog readers! This is Rebecca, the winner of the contest you may have read about in earlier entries. After winning the contest, I was flattered when Charity invited me to write a review of the very book I won, Werewolf Rising by Robin LaFevers. I’d like to say thank you for that. I’ve never written a real book review before so I don’t really expect this to be as good as Dee’s and Charity’s but I hope you readers aren’t too disappointed. On to the book review!

I know you’ve read this in many of the other book reviews, but I must say it here too, this book’s back-cover blurb doesn’t do it justice. It stresses some plot points that play not-so important roles and doesn’t stress enough on some significant points. The one part I absolutely agree with is, “This fast paced adventure is full of supernatural magic and action that will sweep you into a world you never want to leave.” I do love the world Robin has created. It’s believable and doubly enveloping. It’s well filled in but still left me wishing for more knowledge about the werewolf society. Robin, if you’re reading this, WRITE A SEQUEL! Werewolf Rising left me wishing for one very very badly, to put it lightly.

I love the character portrayal of Luc in the story. Robin made a believable teenage character-- that really helped make an engrossing story and I completely identified with him even though I’m a girl and it might seem like this book is directed towards boys.

I think adults can enjoy this book as well as kids. It’s just a delightful story in a beautifully constructed world. I really can’t wait for Robin to write more books like Werewolf Rising.I’m really not all that great at writing reviews so I’ve run out of things to say. Just go buy a copy of the book and see how good it is for yourself.


Well done Rebecca. And I love how you included the comments on the BCC (as you know, my favorite part of a book ;))

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