Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Two - Sometimes I'm very lucky...

You know, sometimes I lead a very charmed life.

Case in point - Do you see NYT Bestselling Author Susan Mallery and RITA Finalist Kristan Higgins in this picture? Cool, right? I mean - two really FABulous authors, sitting at a table together. Well, that was my view all through lunch today... and they were both at my table!

Yeah, I'm serious. I had lunch with Susan, Kristen, and Julie today. I'll ask Kristan to send me the pic of all 4 of us together.

I'll have more to talk about later. Right now, I must go find snow globes for my wee ones. Frankly, they wouldn't care if La Nora wanted to buy me coffee and give me four hours of personal advice on my career. If I don't get them snow globes, the entire trip is a failure as far as they are concerned.

I must admit, Susan is so incredibly gracious. She is also very frank about the business, and very insightful. It was like my own personal workshop at lunch today, except I also got pretty great food. One fun moment occurred just minutes after Kristan asked Susan if she ever got recognized. Susan said that she'd never been recognized before. The host then walks up, almost as if on cue, and asks Susan if she'd mind signing a menu for the sous chef, as she is a HUGE fan of Susan's. It was just perfect! Check out the menu for Restaurant LuLu. Nice, yes?

I'll Keep You Posted!!

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Brandy said...

Wow, I'd have been blubbering! And yeah, I believe it about the kids. *G*