Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day Two - Sheesh, what a crowd!

I don't even have a pic for this post, but I'll be happy to try to create a mental image for you, because hey, that's what writers do, right? (or would that be - that's what writer's do - write!)

Picture this:

I step onto the escalator with a throng of other people, mostly women. But not just women. There are also men. And teenagers. And even a few babies. I understand this, as I want to have my babies here as well. The escalator goes down, to the lower levels of the hotel, and I step off into this gigantic mass of humanity. There seems to be some sort of order to it, so I follow the crowd and end up in a line. This seems like the best way to get through the magical doors to Book Heaven.

While in line, people stroll by handing out papers. "Here, play this scavenger hunt." (A scavenger hunt? Do I need to find an airline barf bag? A used ticket to Woodstock? A purple safety pin? No? Just signatures? I could maybe do that. Riiiight.) "Do you want to have some fun while you're in there? If so, take one of these." (Of course I took that paper, because, hey, I want nothing but fun, and taking that paper guaranteed me FUN!) "Have you bought your raffle tickets yet?" (Raffle tickets? Do I have to listen for numbers? I can't even hear myself think, how will I hear them calling numbers!)

Finally, the doors open, and the line starts moving. I get to the front and step through the doors into what is quite arguably the best room in the world. I mean, what else would you call a place that not only held thousands of Books, but also held the amazing authors that wrote all of those books. I've said it before, and most of you that read this agree - the authors are my Rock Stars. And to be in a room with so many of the people that have their names in books that are scattered all throughout my home? Ohhh, the bliss!

I, of course, thought that I would be so much more prepared than last year. I mean, I've done this once already, right? Last year I was so nervous to be in the presence of so much greatness that I felt like puking. Now there's an endorsement for the event - "So great it makes you wanna toss your cookies!" Needless to say, it was just as overwhelming this time.

I won't tell you all of the great people that I met, but I will give you a few highlights...
Kristan Higgins had her RITA flag flying high, and was very sweet.
Liza Palmer was just as beautiful as last year, and she had people buying books every time I walked by.
Pamela Palmer was my first buy of the night, and she was very nice, plus her book is based in DC.
Anne Stuart was charming as ever, and I got to tell her that I've got my Unfortunate Miss Fortunes Quilt in a place of honor at my home. She liked that. :)
Natale Stenzal is a writer from Virginia, so of course I had to get that one.
Kristin Hannah is just gracious, as always. Magic Hour is for Charity.
Kelly Para is a RITA finalist, and hers is an MTV book, so - one for my oldest daughter.
Karen White was just absolutely lovely, and I high-fived her when she answered "I write Southern Women's Fiction". Can't wait to read her book!
And then there was Victoria Alexander. You may remember that she was the highlight of my trip last year, so I was a little bit nervous when I got into her line. What if she had no clue who I was? I'd be crushed! Well, I got to the front of her line and asked for her newest book, told her I loved her work, she said thanks. Then she looked at me, and said words that made my night - "I remember you from last year!" Ohmyfreakingawd! Victoria Alexander remembered me. I could die happy.

And on that note, I gathered my books, taunted my roomie because I was heading back to the room and she was stuck there signing books for her adoring fans, and I left.

I spent more money than I planned, especially considering the amount of free books I'll be getting later in the week. But the purchases I made this year meant something. Money well spent? Yeah, I think so.

I have not a single clue what some of those papers they gave out in line were. I didn't buy a raffle ticket, though I did notice that they had a board set up for all the winners. I only got one signature on my sheet, because I was too star-struck to find the people on the list. But I did get my fun.

Only down side to the night? The gift card machine at Starbuck's was down. And I just refuse to spend any cash there. So I didn't get my mocha-java-chip frap. But hey, I can't always lead the charmed life, right?

I'll Keep You Posted!


Sheri said...

Mocah java chip? Oooo--my oldest daughter and you are soul sisters! That's her favorite! I really must go to RWA's the next time they are out here. I think I am missing out on some great stuff!! They give away FREE books? Yep, I defintitely need to go!

Anonymous said...


I actually paid that person a fiver to just circle back around and mime adoration. I can write the expense off on my taxes.

(How ridiculous was that conference that we couldn't sit down for 10 seconds and catch up?!?! Digestive issues aside...)