Monday, September 24, 2007


Contained in this post you will find two very vital pieces of information. 1. You will lean how Lani Diane Rich is solely responsible for making my mailman crush hard on me. 2. You will learn how you can enter to win a truly wonderful book. So, let me be frank. Surely, you'll let me be frank? (Then you say, "Be Frank if you want, but please stop calling me Shirley." ba-da-boom) you really don't want to skip this post.

It all started when the mailman arrived today, and let me just say, this usually isn't a big event - I mean, basically the mailman (erm, person - sorry mom) brings me bills and on a few occasions a flier or two, so it really isn't a big celebration at my house. But note, I said usually. Today, my mailperson brought a package. Not just any old package either. A package from none other than a dee & Dee dish FAB author, Lani Diane Rich. Inside this package I found TWO signed copies of her new book CRAZY IN LOVE in which you, yes! you my dear Lovelies, will now have the chance to win. I was so excited that I grabbed the mailperson by the face and planted a big ole' kiss on their cheek and danced off, feeling the dazed look of my mailperson on my back the entire time. I imagine that mail time around here is about to get very interesting indeed. A small price to pay, having a mailperson think you're the bestest, to have this book to share you with you. Oh, the things I do for this blog.

And share this book with you is exactly what I plan to do. In fact, Lani has made it possible for me to share this book with two lucky readers! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post that has the recipe for your favorite mixed drink and why it's your favorite. OR, tell us your least favorite mixed drink and why. That simple.

Winners will be announced Friday when I post my dish of CRAZY IN LOVE.

Good Luck and Take Care


Brandy said...

I bought this book this weekend and can't wait to read it! I'm not entering the contest.(Because I won last time and also I am allergic to alcohol. FUN.) But, the Mailperson sure is going to like you for a while!

·:*¨¨*:·.Mad.·:*¨¨*:·. said...

I'm not a drinker....heck, NyQuil knocks me on my ass so I shudder to think what something stronger could do to me. ROFL

dee said...

I am soooooo entering this contest! Just try to stop me - I double dog dare you!!

I happen to be a MARGARITA fan. It's pretty simple.
1/3 Tequila,
1/3 triple Sec,
1/3 Rosie's Lime
Shake gently.
Pour into a salty rimmed glass of ice.

However, if I'm in DALLAS, I happen to prefer Mango Mojitos. I have no idea what the recipe is. You'd have to ask the bartender. All I know is that they are YUMMY.

Hope I win!

Ann M. said...

My favorite drink has changed over time. In college the drinks were on the sweet side like Tequila sunrises and grasshoppers. I also loved a well made Long Island Tea.

Now I love Apple Martini
4 oz Smirnoff® vodka
4 oz DeKuyper® Sour Apple Pucker schnapps
2 slices Granny Smith apples

Place vodka and green apple schnapps in a martini shaker with plenty of ice. Shake until very well chilled. Pour into two martini glasses and top with thin apple slices.

Ann M.

Sue A. said...

I'm not really a drinker, but I like drinks with a fruity tast and bubbles.

1 ounce white peach puree
5 ounces chilled champagne

dee said...

ann m. - i just LOVE those. those are yummy, like a sour apple jolly rancher. i also secretly enjoy a chocolatini. again - very yummy.

sue a. - the Bellini is heavenly, especially at brunch. it just sounds so classy, you know? like something Audrey Hepburn would drink. oh wait, i think she did drink that in one of her movies. :)

good choices, ladies. Now i feel like a total lush, wish is hysterical, as i rarely ever drink.

can't wait to read this book. i'm hearing nothing but good things about it!

me said...

Never posted here before, but I want this book.

I have many favorite drinks. Perhaps that's not a good thing, for me.

Because I have no idea how to mix drinks, I keep it simple at home. My fave is Rum & Coke, but not really. It's actually Bicardi Limon and Pepsi. Sorta tastes like FruitLoops.

But when I'm out and can have someone wait on me hand and foot, it's amaretto sour. Amaretto and sweet and sour mix, shake with ice. I think. Add a cherry. Mmmmm...

Chari-Dee said...

Brandy- Allergic to alcohol?! OH my, I hope all was well when that was discovered!

Mad - Usually beers as fancy as I get, I'm the same way as you, only it doesn't have to be the nighttime stuff to get me.

dee - I hope you win too! I LOVE margaritas - ON THE ROCKS only please.

ann - I've never had an Apple Martini. Truth be told, I've never had a martini matini either. Maybe I'm missing out on something there :)

Sue - That sounds YUMMY!!!! I think I just may have to give that a try. But I seriously hope it's easy to stop once started because champagne gives me one heck of a headache!

me - I LOVE amaretto sours. I can only drink about half of one though because they are really sweet.

I'm also starting to wonder if I chose this contest so I could discover my inner drunk? Nah. (I think)

Sheryl said...

Well I invented a scrumptious drink a few years ago at my friend's bar but now I see it all over the place under a variety of names. I still love it.

Erotic Dream
1 shot of Irish cream
1 shot of goldschlagger

Simple but rolls over your tongue like a dream, the schnapps gives it a nice kick.

I'd love to win this book as I'm a character. Tee hee.

Erin said...

My two favorite things, books and booze :-) Usually I don't mix the two, but this is a great contest!

Bay Breeze

3 parts Vodka
1 part Cranberry Juice
1 part Pineapple Juice

Mix with crushed ice and you've got a great mixed drink.


Anonymous said...

I don't have the recipe...I just threw some stuff in the blender one day.
Vanilla Vodka
Peach schnapps
Strawberry margarita mix
and ice

I'm always up for a free book!


Chari-Dee said...

Sheryl - I don't think I'd ever think of mixing those two. I'm not a fan of either, BUT I won't hold it against a star :)

Erin - No, mixing books with booze is never a good idea. It may explain why some books hit the bestsellers lists though (may have to run an analasis on liquor sales those weeks) *g*

Pam - That sounds really yummy! I know I'm gonna have to try that one!

ellie said...

For summer this is my favorite. Just tangy and cool.

In a pitcher mix 2 c. lemon juice
1 c sugar
2 limes
1 c club soda

Delish and refreshing.

Anonymous said...

My favorite drink is one that was made up over a drunken New Year's at an inn in New Hampshire. We called it the Valhalla (I have no idea why, again we were drunk). To make it you take equal parts of Stoli Vanil and Bailey's, then pour over ice. Size of drink is optional (rocks glass and up). They go down extremely easily, no blender required and are delish. It was one of my favorite holiday weekends ever and I remember it whenever we drink Valhallas.
And I am so entering the contest!

Lori B.

RandomRanter said...

I like Erin's drink although I typically do the Sea Breeze, which uses grapefruit juice instead of Pineapple (or there's the Madras which uses Orange).
I also like Chocolate Martinis but some bars throw in one part cream, whereas others just pile in more chocolate liqueur, so use caution!

Sheryl said...

There's always the kinky pinky

2 parts pink lemonade
1 part raspberry schnapps.

Hmmm, seeing schnapps trend here.

Aix said...

My least favorite drink is a "Horse's Neck." It's on the very bottom of my list as it has a very strong taste of alcohol ... and is also the drink that my too-cool high school boyfriend thought would be perfect to introduce me to alcohol. I cannot tell you how NASTY it is for a virgin drinker to try to put down a mixture of ginger ale, lemon peel, and (shudder) whisky. I was willing to be bad (well, at least naughty), but all that lovely ginger ale was totally spoiled by the harsh taste of the alcohol.

I took baby, baby sips, until he finally (god bless his little heart) thought it would be a better idea to abandon that and try what was to become my next-least-favorite drink, a GIN and tonic. Gin! I ask you! Tastes like juniper leaves smell - another raw, nasty taste!

By the end of the evening, I had baby-sipped about a quarter of each nasty glass, until he finally hit on the brilliant idea of trying everyone's favorite way to hide alcohol when you are only 17, a screwdriver. This time I poured the booze, and by distracting him ("look! is that your dad's car?") managed to tip in only a splash of vodka so I drank it down in relative comfort. this day, I'm not much of a drinker and still can't stand gin or whisky!

wapakgram said...

The older I get, the more I like champagne! So pour in the peach juice!
When you are at a resort around a pool with hunky waiters, mai tais are the only way to go!!! Love the little umbrellas and the fruit slices!
I really need a new book to read to take my mind off of MAX! when I can't see him.

Louis said...

I see that I'll have to try a few of the mentioned drinks....they sound scrumptious.
My favorite drink to top off an evening is Kuhlua and cream...mix about 50/50 or so to taste.

Robin said...

Okay, Dee used the same recipe I use for margaritas and I don't know how the hotel in Dallas made mango mojitos either but I've had them two other places and they are the best. Probably because the tast of the alcohol isn't as noticable.

Doswell Sangria

3 oz red wine
3 oz light lemonade
2 oz seltzer

serve over ice sitting on a porch watching hummingbirds drink from the feeders

danetteb said...

I'm not sure what this drink is called but, but it's what I usually make for myself.

1/2 c apple vodka
1/2 cup sweet & sour mix
(rim the glass with sugar for extra sweetness)

cas2ajs said...

Not a big drinker but when I do indulge, I'm a rum and coke girl. I prefer it made with Myers rum. All these other drinks sound yummy too.


dee said...

Eeks. Robin was here. And she totally noticed that I blatantly STOLE her margarita recipe! OOPS. Sorry Robin. But you should feel flattered, actually, since I've never had a better margarita than the one that YOU made for me while I was staying at your beach house.

Does my entry still count? Even though I stole someone's recipe? Because I REALLY want this book! I mean, I know TWO people that are actually IN this book. I just have to have it!!

Phyllis said...

Oh, I hardly ever get to drink anymore.... what's it called? sun breeze? ocean sky?

Sea Breeze, I knew I'd come up with it :)

Don't know the proportions because I never measured, but some vodka then about 1/2 of what's left in your glass of grapefruit juice and 1/2 of cranberry juice.

Lis said...

My favorite mixed drink is a Caribean Dream (I think that's what my friend called it)

3/4 cup seven up or sprite
finlandia vodka to taste

Lily said...

Wow... I never drink mixed drinks... but I really dislike the ones with too much bananas... just to hard on my stomach!

Nathalie said...

I am not a drinker too, I just drink water and I won't give my recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!