Friday, September 28, 2007

Crazy In Love by Lani Diane Rich

The time has finally come for me to announce the winners of the very book I'm getting ready to dish. Yes, the copies are signed, and iffin' I get your addresses by Monday, they will go out first thing. Using a highly advanced form of picking winners (I wrote down numbers in order of entries, shook them up, closed my eyes, and drew two names) it has been determined that Erin and Robin are the lucky winners. I really enjoyed getting some new drink recipes, and loved the fact that both Chocolate Martini's and schnapps were mentioned because they both get some mention in the book. So, my two lucky winners, if you will please e-mail me your addresses to deeanddeedish at without the spaces and using the little @ sign, I'll get those out to you! HUGE thank-you's to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more contests, I have another one to announce next week.
And now, without further ado...

CRAZY IN LOVE by Lani Diane Rich

She's on the rocks.
Flynn Daly needs a drink. Under the crush of family guilt, she's agreed to move out of her dangerous South Boston neighborhood and join the family business. Her first assignment: running the inn left by a deceased aunt Flynn's never even heard of. The problem? It's in the middle of the country where there's nature and bugs and no public transport; her dead aunt is haunting her dreams;and the hotel's bartender is making her lose her more ways than one.
Make it a double.
When bartender Jake Tucker's beloved boss meets and untimely end, he intends to find out who's behind it. If cozying up to the eccentric niece gets him the information he needs, so be it. But once he gets close to the wild hair and captivating smile, he decides that some things are more fun with a partner...even if she sees dead people. After all, for a woman like Flynn, he'd be nuts not to.

My BCC complaints are that I have none. This is actually a very good example of what a BCC should be. Take note BCC writers.

If ever some one decides to immortalize me in the form of a Romance novel heroine (the woman not the drug, though The Hubs tells me I am addictive) I hope that that some one is Lani Diane Rich. Every single book Rich has written has me totally falling in love with the female protagonist (see, I just feel silly saying heroine so I'll just stick with FP from now on) and CIL was no different.

Flynn Daly is searching for her passion. Something to do in life that she believes in, cares about, and loves doing. She hasn't found it yet though, so when her dad and sister decide to do a life intervention over the phone, she gives in and goes to work for the family. The mission that she has accepted is to head out to the Goodhouse Arms, a hotel the family has recently inherited from a long lost aunt, and keep the natives happy until the family can finalize a sale.

But, good ole Aunt Esther has decided to haunt Flynn, Jake the bartender is worming his way into her heart, money turns up missing and it could be tangled up in a case Jake had once worked, and for some reason, Flynn finds herself becoming attached to the place - and the people.

I loved this book. Flynn is just the right kind of feisty. Jake is just the right kind of goofball gorgeous. Crazy In Love is one parts Romance, one parts Woman's Fiction, one parts Mystery with a twist of paranormal haunting to make it laugh out loud, touching, fun, fast-paced romp.

Trust me on this, you need this book. If you're a Rich fan already, CIL is just going to cement the fact and if you're new to Rich, be prepared to be hooked.

Take Care

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