Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Re-Reading

I have been most slack in my duties to the blog-o-sphere as of late. No personal blogs going up. No review posts going up. All my time has been spent playing with kids, being sicker than a dog after he eats the trash, writing on my own book, and Re-reading series books.

In May Charlaine Harris released the newest book of her Sookie Stackhouse series, All Together Dead. In order to prepare for the long awaited release (OK, it was only a year I had to wait, but it felt far longer than that) I read the series to that point in it's entirety. It was very interesting to see how far Sookie has come from the beginning. It was exhilarating to see how Sookie has changed what makes her Sookie so little in the long running series. Plus, it was just plain fun. I am in total fangirl lurve with Harris and her books. The simplicity in which she writes is almost poetic in its nature.

This month, June, Janet Evanovich will release the 13th book in her Stephanie Plum series, Lean Mean Thirteen. I spent last week re-reading the first twelve in the series. This was an interesting exercise. The evolution of the characters is slow moving, snail pace really, and I realized that I really don't care. I don't read these books because they are literary masterpieces. I read the books because they make me laugh and lust for Ranger. I did realize one thing, and that is that I cannot stand Joe Morelli. At. All. Once I could kind of see his appeal, though he was never my favorite (I'm a Babe all the way). And I like that even Morelli has referred to Stephanie as "Babe" one or two times. See even Joe knows who she belongs with (hint: it aint him).

Yesterday, I re-read Susan Elizabeth Phillips books Natural Born Charmer. Sigh. I still adore that book and it was even better the second time around.

What have you been reading? Any suggestions for great summer reading? Help me out here people. My own personal library is only so big, and I need something new!

Take Care


Brandy said...

I, too, am a total fan of Charlaine Harris. Sookie is still hanging on to her humanity through everything she's been through. Quite a feat to this point.

As for Stephanie Plum, I though I was on eof the few who couldn't stand Joe. He keeps trying to change Stephanie and "pigeon-hole" her. He also gived her no credit for her crazy ideas (the ones that usually work). Ranger seems to understand her more. He is willing to let her BE herself. For that, he has my vote. *g*
And Natural Born Charmer was a wonderful book. I still smile when I think of it.
Hmmm, new books. I just read Cait Londons new book, At the Edge. I enjoyed it alot. P.C. Casts, Goddess of Love was a nice read. (I have reviews of both at And I am looking for something new to read, so I sympathize.

Lis said...

I managed to win a set of arcs of Christina Dodd's new paranormal series out this summer. Almost through the first one and loving it! If you're into darker para, its worth picking up. Looking forward to the new Michelle Rowen out next month and still trying to find Colleen Gleason's new one.