Friday, April 20, 2007

FAB: Werewolf Rising by R.L. LaFevers

The following is a classic post from the dee & Dee archives. Michael was our first ever guest disher, and it just so happens, that this R.L. LaFevers book was the first ever contest prize. Enjoy! And don't forget to enter the contest!
WARNING: Michael has included a few SPOILERS!! Don't be too mad at him, he's never done this before. He got a little excited seeing his picture up there, what can I say?

The main character in this book is Luc. Luc is almost thirteen when the book starts. He lives with his aunt and uncle, because his parents are dead. He doesn't really like living with his aunt and uncle because his uncle is mean to him.

Luc has nightmares. He dreams about a beast. He thinks HE is the beast. As his 13th birthday gets closer, Luc starts to change. He can run faster, and he wants to eat squirrels. He's normally a slow motion guy, and a vegetarian.

Luc's other uncle, Ranger, shows up to take Luc away to where the rest of Luc's family lives. Ranger then tells Luc that his family is made up of wolves, and Luc is also a wolf. Luc doesn't believe Ranger at first, until Ranger turns into a wolf in front of Luc. Luc is nervous and excited at the same time.

Luc learns that his parents are dead because of wolf hunters. He also learns that his other uncle was part of their death. Luc is angry with his uncle about this. He runs away to find his uncle.

I liked this book. It had wolves in it, and I like wolves. The wolves ate weird things, like big deer. It was a book, but it was more like an action movie. Luc doesn't really think everything is fair in the pack, but he still likes the pack better than where he was living before. He feels like he finally found a home in the pack. At the end, there was a big wolf beside him, and they were running, and they went home together. Home is where all of the good things happen.

I hope that Robin writes another book. It doesn't have to be about Luc, but I like her writing. I liked the "Falconmaster" and the "Lowthar's Blade" trilogy. They're really cool. I think everybody else should read her books too.


Carol said...

Thank you, Michael. You did a great job. I think my grandsons would love to read this book!

dee said...

Trust me on this, your grandsons would LOVE this book! We had it on order and got it almost the second it came out, and then Michael took it off to his room and didn't return for a few days. :) When I read it aloud to the other kids (I have six, remember) they all agreed with him that it was terrific. My oldest daughter (almost 15) even asked Ms. LaFevers for a follow-up book, about a female werewolf.
Honestly, this one, The Falconmaster, and the Lowthar's Blade trilogy would make a fine addition to any young adult library!

danetteb said...

Thank you,Micheal that was a good review. I think I'm going to the library,so I can read this book to my girls.
Hugs, Danette