Friday, April 27, 2007

FAB Interview: Maggie Gets The Dish From Theo

As FAB week draws to an end, I want to say a HUGE thank you to my partner in crime this week, the Lovely Miss Maggie. Her enthusiasm and help has been invaluable, I couldn't have done it without you babes.

If you'll notice the picture to your left, that's Maggie(isn't she beautiful?) reading her FAB copy of THEODOSIA AND THE SERPENTS OF CHAOS by R.L. LaFevers. Maggie, like a true Disher, fell in love with the book and had some questions, and in true FAB author style, Robin (R.L.) was able to get Theo to sit down and answer those questions for her (and us). So without further ado, I present to you the chat Maggie had with Theodosia Throckmorton.

Maggie: When did you first know that you could see the dark curses on things?
Theodosia: When I was four years old, I had my first trip to the museum with my parents. I had been dying to go for ages, and finally, as a treat, they allowed me to come with them. However, the minute I stepped into the museum, I shivered, overtaken by a horrible sensation, as if things were creeping along my skin. As my parents gave me a tour, I could hear faint rustlings and whispers, but my parents didn’t seem to notice a thing, so I was afraid to tell them. It had taken so long to convince them I was old enough to visit the museum, and I was terrified if I told them what I was sensing they’d decide I shouldn’t visit them there! So I pretended the things didn’t exist. It wasn’t until I was older and visited the museum more frequently that I was better able to understand what, exactly, I was seeing.

Maggie: When your Mum leaves for an adventure, do YOU have to do all of the cooking?
Theo: No. When Father remembers to go home, Cook makes us a lovely meal, but when he’s engrossed in his work at the museum, then he forgets all about important things like food and such. Sometimes, there’s the end bit of a loaf of bread and some leftover jam, which is why I have such a fondness for jam sandwiches. It’s a survival technique.

Maggie: Do you think it's more fun to be homeschooled, or would you like to go to regular school someday?
Theo: I’ve been to two boarding schools and they were both horrid, although Henry says that his is all right. The girls at the schools I went to all hung together in packs, like jackals or something. They didn’t like you if you got high marks (which I did) and if you weren’t good at sports (which I wasn’t) they didn’t like you either. Plus, if any of the other girls showed any signs of liking you, they would pounce on her and insist she be mean as well or they’d have nothing to do with her anymore. I’ll take my chances with the restless spirits and disgruntled dead things; much less terrifying than the girls I met at school!

Maggie: Since your Mum is from America, have you ever gotten to visit, or do you ever want to visit there?
Theo: I haven’t had a chance to so far, but I’d love to visit America! I’ve heard you have a spectacular museum of your own, I think it’s called the Metropolitan Museum. In New York, maybe? Anyway, I’ve heard Mum talk of it before. I also understand that you have some fascinating artifacts there dating from the early Native American peoples. Not quite as ancient as Egyptians, but fascinating, nevertheless.

Maggie: Why is your brother so weird? (I have two brothers, and they are really weird too. I just can't understand them!)
Theo: I’m convinced it’s because of how attracted he is to grubby things. I think all that dirt he absorbs through his skin affects his brain or something.

It has been such a FUN FAB week here at dee & Dee, Maggie was a great help, Theodosia Throckmorton was absolutely charming, and R.L. LaFevers was so generous with her time and proved how very FAB she is. Thank You Robin and Theodosia for indulging Maggie and I, we had an absolutely lovely time.

Don't forget, the two contests end tonight. Click here for a chance to win a signed copy of the book and click here for your chance to win an amazing gold ancient Egypt pen. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Take Care


dee said...

My brother Michael ate a worm.
your friend,

Chari-Dee said...

Now Maggie and Theo, let's stop picking on the boys. They like to read your books too! (Plus I was rather a grubby little girl myself.)

And perhaps Michael was feeling like nobody liked him and everybody hated him. I love you Michael - no need to eat anymore worms.

dee said...

Um, Char, not to prolong this boy thing or anything like that... but he worm? Yeah, he ate it to impress one of his big sister's friends. It had nothing to do with that song about 'guess i'll go eat worms', I promise.

Maggie loved being here, loved seeing Robin, and meeting Theo over here. Everything about this week was FAB for her. Thanks so much for letting her join you!


danetteb said...

* High Fives to Maggie*
This was a fun FAB week and I got to add some books to my kids TBR pile.
Hugs, Danette

Frances Lynn said...

This is highly entertaining. Keep it up! I'm now going to explore the rest of your blog.


Frances Lynn