Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FAB Week - Where Kids (and R.L. LaFevers) Rule!

I'd like to introduce you to dee's lovely daughter, Maggie. Maggie will be my partner in crime throughout my upcoming FAB week, and we will be introducing you to the FABulous new book, Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by dee & Dee fave - R.L. LaFevers.

And don't let those beautiful looks fool you, Ms. Maggie is one smart cookie and there is no way I could come close to doing this week and book justice without her. So please join me in welcoming Maggie and helping her to feel right at home here at dee & Dee.

And now that you've met Maggie, may we introduce you to our FAB pick:

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by R. L. LaFevers

Theodosia Throckmorton has her hands full at the Museum of Legends and Antiquities in London. Her father may be head curator, but it is Theo-and only Theo-who is able to see all the black magic and ancient curses that still cling to the artifacts in the museum. When Theo's mother returns from her latest archaeological dig bearing the Heart of Egypt-a legendary amulet belonging to an ancient tomb-Theo learns that it comes inscribed with a curse so black and vile that it threatens to crumble the British Empire from within and start a war too terrible to imagine. Intent on returning the malevolent artifact to its rightful place, Theo devises a daring plan to put things right. But even with the help of her younger brother, a wily street urchin, and the secret society known as the Brotherhood of the Chosen Keepers, it won't be easy . . . she quickly finds herself pursued down dark alleys, across an ocean, through the bustling crowds of Cairo, and straight into the heart of an ancient mystery. Theo will have to call upon everything she's ever learned in order to prevent the rising chaos from destroying her country-and herself!

As you know, this is not a typical FAB pick for us here at dee & Dee but let me explain; I am a reader, and like most avid readers, I started at a young age:

I was barely two when my mom wrote that entry in my baby book, and I've been told that I was reading for myself (and anyone with patience enough) at the age of 3. Reading is such a fundamental part of learning and of life. Reading provides an escape from day to day problems and as children it allows us to travel the world and sharpen our imagination. So children's book have a special place in my heart. Especially children's books as wonderful as this. Theo is going to open up a world for young readers that they never knew existed. They will be excited about reading and love the adventures that Theo takes them on.

So please stay with us this week for fun contests, interviews, and dish on Theo and other R.L. LaFevers books. Grab the kiddos and embark with Maggie and I on a fun filled week of adventure!

To learn more about Theodosia Throckmorton before the dish officially begins, you can explore her website, read her blog, and view her bookshelf, you simply have to click HERE.

Take Care ~ Maggie and Chari-Dee


Anonymous said...

Hi, Maggie and Chari-Dee :)
I just wandered on over here, and am so glad I did. I think this would be a great book to buy for my younger sister. She's five, and just like me at that age, loves books :)
I love my books so much that I still have my childrens books from when I was younger :)

Chari-Dee said...

Hi Ali!

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you check back during the week, we have lots of good stuff planned!

dee said...

Hi Ali and Chari-Dee,
I really like the book. I think Theo is very brave, and I like her story. I am excited to be on my Mum's blog with Chari-Dee this week. I hope Theo stops by to visit with us, since I visit her site whenever my Mum lets me on the computer.

~from dee - Thanks to Dee for having Maggie here this week. It's been such a blast reading Theo with her, and I'm so glad that she's gotten the reading bug, just like I did when I was younger. Of course, having great books by RL LaFevers certainly helps, especially around my house! She's been one of our favorite authors for about a year now, and we gobble up her new books as fast as we can!

Shane said...

Hey there Maggie. I'm glad you're feeling better. Love you, munchkin.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm very excited to read this one--it just exudes that wonderful book feeling, doesn't it!

This should be fun!

Cherry Red said...

I have this book and I LOVE it. you don't have to be a child to enjoy this one.

I'm so glad Maggie is here and that she got to read this wonderful book. I'll be interested to read what she has to say.


Robin L said...

Hey, Maggie! It's so fun to see what you look like! You're bee-yoo-tiful! Love that smile.

And I hope you're feeling better soon!

Kim said...

Hi Maggie,
I really like your picture! I really love you so much! Should my moma read me this book?

Love Hollie

Carol said...

Hi Maggie,

That's a really nice picture of you! It's so nice of you to help your mom this week!

That book sounds like something my granddaughters would love to read!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,
I hope that you are having fun. This book looks really good. I think I will have to go out and buy one. Keep on reading!!!!

Meg :)

dee said...

Hi Cherry Red - I am working with Chari-Dee on my "Dish" of the book. I'm really excited to be here.

Hi Hollie - I love you so much too. I think your big sister should read you this book, because she would really like Theo too!

Hi Carol - I think your granddaughters will really love this book. It's great!

Hi Meg - This book IS really good. You should go out and buy it today, then tell me if you like it.

Hi Daddy - I am not a munchkin, I am a girl. So. There. I was feeling better but now my throat hurts really bad. Mum is going to make me drink hot tea with honey today.

Hi Ms. Robin - We're almost done with the book, and I really really like it. You are a really really good writer. I can't wait for your next book about Theo!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie and Dee! This is my very first blog and how fun it is to share it with you. After reading about this book this granny wants to read it too! Maggie, maybe you can read it to me the next time I see you.

Grandma C