Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FAb: Shhhhhh...the secret truffle ingredient is....

Can you tell me what's in those truffles?

Have you seen the links of her
making the truffles, and then of the final product?

Should I even share the secret with you, or will you just say "Oh, a link. Well, I'm NOT clicking, I don't care WHAT she says about more funny things to read."

Anyhow...... Laura made the truffles, then she blogged about it and even took pictures. PLUS, she's written out an abbreviated version of TSOTT (The Story Of The Truffles), so you can read almost everything in one place. It's like a one-stop shopping expedition. Those are GREAT when you've got a million things to do, so helpful to be able to grab socks and milk and motor oil and nail polish all at the same time, right? But if you're like me, and only want to hit those big stores for rushed days, and you prefer to go seek out those hidden shops that specialize in really soft socks, and match-your-skin-tone nail polish, then you will want to CLICK THE LINKS over on Laura's
post. Trust me on this. Then come back here and tell me that you did it, ok? There are SEVEN links over on that post, and TWO of them link back here. Where do the other five go? What's the date to publish your seduction post by? How is Joshilyn Jackson a tease? And what kind of liquids contributed to Joshilyn's boobs getting stuck under a bed in Paris? When does our Amy find time to read?

Laura is going to be busy this week. She's going to be on
The State of Things on NC Public Radio Wedn at noon (and repeats at 9, plus a podcast, plus live streaming) on Wednesday. Yes, I said on Valentine's day. Some people are not full of love, like us, and actually restrict the celebration of the LOVE holiday to a single day. How crazy is that? Not us. Around here, it's VALENTINE'S WEEK, because we have to spread the love as long as possible! But don't worry, Laura's radio spot is early in the day, so she still has time to do something really fun and/or romantic with her beloved. Here's the link to the site, http://www.wunc.org/tsot/

Oh yeah, all those questions I asked above? If you can, post the answers on YOUR OWN BLOG, then link to there on THIS post, I'll enter you in my own mini-contest (Please do NOT post the answers here. That would not be fair. Post them on YOUR OWN BLOG then leave a link here so I can go read your answers). You've got a few days to find the answers, so get to it. I will say that the prize might possibly involve a surprise from a trip that I am taking. Maybe. Possibly. Probably. But you won't know for a few days. Because - it's a surprise. Kinda like Laura's book was a surprise. Kinda like Laura's friendliness was a surprise. But not at all like the truffles. Because you KNOW about the truffles now. You've read TSOTT. Plus, you know that Laura made truffles for YOU, because you are going to enter the contest and tell us all about your WEDDING HYSTERIA. Now you have TWO contests to think about. That's a surrpise, right? But not really. Because you know how much we like to give away books around here. Just enter. Make Laura feel better with your hystrical wedding-ness. And remember...

Keep Turning Those Pages!



Anonymous said...

I'm guessing I'm not allowed to enter? Because I can think of tons of fun things from your trip destination. Just don't get arrested obtaining them, that's all.

Laura of the Truffles
(that is now a copyrighted pseudonym; or possibly the title of my next book, we shall see)

dee said...

No, Laura, you are NOT allowed to enter. Because you already know. but if you want to be really nice, and maybe post one or two of the answers on your own blog so people can cheat, then I won't say a single word about it.
I'm in your neck of the woods today, but am getting back on the road just as soon as I finish my blogging this morning. Have to get out of here before this trip turns into yet another night and day of FUN WITH SIX KIDS IN A VAN!

Anonymous said...

But they're already posted on my blog! Listen, I'm just here for the prize. I just know if I were clever like Amy I would figure out a nefarious way to get it.

(Amy, am I giving you a complex talking about how nefarious you are all the time? Because, you know, I would WALLOW in my nefariety if I had any, but then I always wanted to be a wicked witch, so that's the type of thing I would wallow in.)