Wednesday, February 21, 2007

FAB Finish with Laura Florand - Winners announced

I'm home from my travels! It feels great to be back in my own office, at my own computer. It feels horrible knowing I'm so far behind with my FAb Pick Wrap-up. So first, APOLOGIES TO LAURA. I really had every intention of still posting while I was away. However, it just didn't happen. In the true spirit of Laura's book though, I'm blaming it on New Orleans. I was just having too much fun to worry about computers.

I'm going to list out the days and the winners of the prizes and leave it at that, because I know that Dee has a review to post today. So without further ado...

Friday's winner of the "Where is dee?" contest and a signed book - kathy
Thursday's winner of the "Travel Story" contest for a surprise prize - nobody
Wednesday's winner of the "What I think of when I hear Paris" contest for a signed book - Michelle
Tuesday's winner of the "All those questions" contest for a surprise prize - nobody
Monday's winner of the "Wedding Hysteria" contest for a signed book AND truffles - andi

So if you are kathy, Michelle or andi, please contact me at with your snail mail address. Be sure to put "I'm a February FAB Winner" in the subject line. Your prizes will be mailed out soon!

I'm actually thankful that nobody won the Tuesday and Thursday prizes, because I left them at my brother's house, right next to the King Cake that I bought for Laura. In the interests of fairness though, since Laura was the only one that replied on either of those days, I think it's only right that she get the prizes, don't you? So Laura is getting a box in the mail as well, just as soon as the goodies arrive from my lil bro's house.

And that basically wraps up the extended week with Laura Florand, author of Blame It On Paris. If you didn't win this book, do yourself a favor and go buy it. It is fresh and funny, heartwarming and sidesplitting, and basically all that is good and right with a memoir. Seriously. Look, you can even be lazy and just order it online, ok? Just click this link here and it will be shipped right to your door. If you don't buy it, the only person you can blame for missing out on this FABulous yourself.

Keep turning those pages!



Michelle said...

Yay!!! Welcome back Dee! And I'm so glad Laura gets goodies too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yay! I won, too!

I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed spending this week with all of you! Thanks dee and Dee for having me. I admire your fortitude in keeping on posting despite power outages, snow storms, and doing your best to get lots and lots of beads. (Whatever that entailed...)

And thanks everyone else for joining in! It was fun to "meet" some of you for the first time and to learn more about the rest of you. I am collecting and framing all the wedding hysteria stories, so now no one can Blame my own wedding hysteria on Me.

Thank you all again! It's been a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Prizes were mailed a week ago, so here's hoping everyone has got theirs! Let me know if not.