Saturday, February 3, 2007

FAb Preview for February!

Whew! It feels like I just finished doing the FAb Pick for January, doesn't it? Oh yeah, maybe because I haven't posted since last Saturday, so really, I did just finish. Thankfully, the other Dee posted a few times so you wouldn't get bored. What can I say, I was reading! To finish up with last month, I need JOELLE to e-mail me at with a snail mail address. That way, you can get your signed copy of Testing Kate from Whitney. For you other winners, your books should arrive shortly. Let us know when you get them and read them, ok?

But for THIS month, we have another special treat. And I mean both special, and treat, ok? Here's the deal. My FAb Pick is Laura Florand. She's the author of Blame It On Paris, a fabulous book about... well, heck, I'll let you read her explanation yourself. When I asked Laura to describe her book in one sentence, this is what she said...

A perfectly friendly and NORMAL person from a small town in Georgia ends up in Paris where people jump back in fear when she smiles at them; she falls for a Parisian despite this and must deal with his COMPLETELY INSANE culture AND FAMILY, only to discover, when she drags him back to her world, that some aspects of it and of her own enormous family are just a little nutty when seen from his perspective, too; how will true love survive?

(I cheated by using semicolons. But it's still one sentence from a grammatical perspective.)

And that perfectly describes the book. I'm going to share more of that fun interview with you, as well as review Blame It On Paris, during Valentine's Week. Yes, I said week, because hey, it's the love holiday, and it deserves more than just a day. So be sure to check back here starting Monday, February 12, to read more about Laura and her FAB-ulous book. There will be contests, where her book will be awarded as the prize. I also have it on very good authority that maybe, just maybe, there will even be truffles involved. But not for killing anyone. Murder is bad. (And if you don't know what I mean about death and truffles, then you're missing out on a very funny story, but I'll tell you all about it in just a few more days!) Until then...

Keep turning those pages!


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Oh yay!!! Looking forward to the festivities! :)