Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day LAST - Leaving SF, but not without my heart

I thought it only fitting to do one final post before I pack up the laptop with the rest of my stuff. I had to show you what the day looks like.

This has been one heck of a week! From the shaky beginnings of "i missed my plane and am stuck in Cincy for HOURS!", to the CabOfDeath, to dancing at the Four Seasons during the Harlequin party, right up to last night's culmination of Kristan's RITA win, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions.

I've learned a lot this week, but not just about writing. I've learned that this is a tough industry. There are people out there that are not all nice. I've learned that publishing is a whole different creature than writing a book. I've learned that agents, though formidable and sometimes very frightening, are people that take great joy in the personal triumphs of their clients (yes, Donna, I'm talking about you!). I've learned that a week in a hotel room with a RITA nominee (and WINNER!) gives you a whole different perspective on the business.

I also learned that sometimes, with a little luck, a great dress, and an hysterical sex-y speech, a virtual newcomer can charm the pants off of an entire roomful of women. In order for that to happen though, you have to write a great book. And sometimes, just sometimes, all of your hard work pays off in a very big way.

Kristan's win is obviously a personal inspiration to me. Just last year in Dallas, Barb Caridad Ferrar won in the same category. Kristan was sitting right next to me then, and we both screamed our heads off when 'the little book that could' took Top Honors and shocked an organization. I can remember elbowing Kristan and telling her that someday, it would be her up on that stage. Little did either of us know that it would be the very next year.

Really though, being blessed enough to have a husband that said, "Go to San Francisco. Live your dream," and children that treat me like a rock star on a daily basis because I get to meet the people that write the books that are scattered all over our house? That is the true blessing and joy in my life. I cherish the people I've met here, and am thankful for being able to share this extraordinary and surreal week with my friend Kristan...but I'm so glad to be heading home, back into the arms of the people that love me.

Thanks to all of you for sharing this week with me. Thanks for your comments, and your e-mails. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

Signing off now, and will update again when I make it back to home soil.

Farewell, San Francisco... it's time for me to get back to the people that hold my heart.


Brandy said...

Don't forget, you not just living your dream. You're actually living some of our(s) dreams. I'm so glad you were able to experience all of the RWA!

LK Hunsaker said...

Congrats to Kristan! I'll have to check out her book if it's worth 50 reads! Glad you had a great time. :-)

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Top Ten Books said...

I bet you had an experience of your life!