Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day Five - Yes, I'm awake.

This pic is so dark because the sun is shining so bright this morning, right between the hotels in my view. It's the same basic time I've been taking my view picture as every other morning, but today just seems a little bit brighter. Hmmm. I wonder why.

I somehow messed up on times when I was supposed to be where (you think it sounds weird? try being me!), and made the fatal mistake of not having my cell phone with me (left it sitting right next to the Mac on the charger while I went to the bar), so I missed the "where are you?" phone calls.

I did not, however, sit idly in my room and feel sorry for myself. I put on my little black dress and crashed a party. Ok, ok, maybe crashed is a little strong, as I just walked in and sat with some people I knew. Still though, I wasn't on the guest list. Of course, I somehow doubt they had a guest list. Plus, the roomie was invited to that party, and she told me I could go with her.

Enough about last night though. I want to talk about today. Check out that video I posted on the last entry. Those chicks are hysterical! Meeting them here has been such a blast. Kristan and Diana are so unlike that. Well, none of them are like that, really. Cute video though.

Are you guys ready for the RITAs? I know that I am. As much as I've totally enjoyed being here, spending time in this beautiful city, meeting all of these wonderful people, I have to admit to really missing home, you know? I miss the feel of my own pillow. I miss the smell of my baby's neck when she first gets up in the morning. I miss the sound of the baby birds nesting right outside my window. I miss the taste of my first coffee of the morning, made just the way I like it by one of my wonderful children. I miss the way my husband looks at me when it's time to go upstairs to bed for the night.

Sniff...sniff... Ok, I need to call home now. I'll make sure that Gret is ready to roll with this tonight. You guys have a great day, and check back here later this evening for all of the RITA and Golden Heart winners.

I'll Keep You Posted!


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Can't wait to hear about the RITA's!

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