Thursday, February 7, 2008

FAB winner announced, and dee needs help!!

Whew. My week ends today, and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. Will someone please make sure to e-mail my baby and let her know that Mommy needs some rest? Thanks.

I've got a FAB winner to announce. This person is getting a signed copy of Liza Palmer's FABulous book, SEEING ME NAKED. So could I please have


contact me at deeanddeedish at sbcglobal dot net with your name and address, and I'll forward it on to Liza. Please put SMN FAB WINNER in your subject line, so you don't get lost in our inbox. Also, this book isn't coming from me, it's coming straight from our FAB author. As with most authors, she's already hard at work on her next book. So please, be patient about getting your book mailed to you, ok?

Now, here's where I need some help. I've had books sent to me over the past few weeks that I've already read and need to get dished. But I would like to do some Double-Dishes. If you'd like to Double-Dish with me, please leave your comment on this post, telling me what book you want to dish. I'll pick some Double-Dishers at random and mail off the book to you. When you get it, read it and then I'll e-mail you some Double-Dish guidelines.

The Crazy School
, by Cornelia Read
Gods Behaving Badly, by Marie Phillips
Beginner's Greek, by James Collins

If I don't pick you this time, don't worry. Whenever a book gets sent to me by someone other than the author, I will ask for a Double-Dish volunteer, so I can get your input as well. Everyone will have plenty of chances to help out (and get free books!). This doesn't apply to books that I buy though. Most of the ones I buy are keepers for me.

One exception to the above Double Dish thing will be my FAB for February. I received a book in the mail and actually squealed!! And I knew right away that it would be FAB. Yes, I know Chari-Dee is right in the middle of a big Promo for AuthorIsland (again!). Yes, I know that I just had a FAB in January. But I'm having another one at the end of this very month. I must have the winner's name by 2/29/08, so they can get a very special prize. I've already read the book about 5 times, sucked it up every single time, too. So get ready for a steady week of something very special. (Hint: if you visit here often, you know who some of my top-ranked authors are. One of them has a release in just a few weeks, and I'm going to catch her on book tour, where I will purchase books for the FAB winner.) Look for the FAB stuff to begin around 2/22.

Keep Turning Those Pages!!


kc said...

I don't have time to read it right now, but I'd love to hear about Gods Behaving Badly. The summaries of the book have really caught my eye.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hello Ladies,

Ooo what a great surprise Thank you :-) I just sent an email. I try to email earlier but my computer & yahoo were being a meanie to me *Sighs*


danetteb said...

Congrats Linda!

Joshilyn said...

DITTO on what she said about gods behaving badly.

I ADORED the crazy school, thought it was fantastic and smart and harrowing.

I read Begiiner's Greek in ARC form a LONG time ago, and I remember thinking, "The language and the POV is going to make this book polarizing." I think it is a lOVE IT/HATE IT thing. I came down firmly on the LOVE side.

Tell me about gods.

PS MISS COMMENTS, I did nto even GET a driver's liscence until I was most of the way through 17. And onyl then because my parents made me. I hate driving to this day.

pearl said...

What a wonderful idea! The Crazy School would be nice, if not then God's Behaving badly. Thanks for this chance.

dee said...

KC- If you want it, drop me a comment and I'll send it your way.

Pearl- send me your address and I'll get it out in the mail to you.

Linda - you're MOST welcome. You'll enjoy SMN, and I happen to know that it's on its way to you RIGHT NOW!! (Isn't Liza Palmer FABulous to get it in the mail so fast?!?)

As for you, J - What's the deal, chick? Showing up here, trying to blow my FABulous surprise?? And I'm just sure you didn't use the Mighty Rack at all. Right? Right. :) I bet you still did the na-na-na-na-na thing though, didn't you?

T.C. said...

Gods Behaving Badly is one I've been wanting to check out. I'll probably sample it on my Kindle first. :)

dee said...

TC- if oyu want my copy, e-mail me your address and I'll drop it in the mail to you this week.

T.C. said...

All right! :)

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

I would love to dish about either The Crazy School or Gods Behaving Badly

I have not read either yet but I have read A Field of Darkness by Cornelia Read. I couldn't get into it at first but I am glad I stuck with it as it was a good book

Gods Behaving Badly is on my wish list to check out soon.

Dee's said...


I'm sorry, I've already got both 'gods' and 'crazy school' packaged up and ready for the mail on Friday. However, if you're interested in "Beginner's Greek", I'd be happy to send that along to you. I won't tell you if I liked it or not, as I don't want to sway your opinion in any way. Let me know via e-mail ( and I'll get it in the mail to you first thing Friday morning.


Laura K said...

Hmmm..wonder who that could be?

Rosina Lippi said...

Hey D/D

Listen, I've tried to email you but it bounced back with the message "addressee unknown." Generally I'd assume I had misspelled something but I was replying directly to your email, so that seems unlikely.

I sent a copy of my new novel (The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square) to Charity, and I just wanted to know if it arrived safely. Any idea?