Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FAB - Joshilyn Jackson contest reminder, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Yes, today is Joshilyn's birthday. Won't you stop by her site here and wish her a very happy day? And while you're at it, remind her how pretty she is!

Just reminding y'all that the contests are both over on Thursday at midnight EST. So.

If you want to blog about Joshilyn Jackson's newest book, THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING, be sure to put the .jpg (selflessly hosted by Joss here) and the inside cover copy (found on this post here) on YOUR blog. Then drop in here on any post that has the words "FAB" and "JOSHILYN JACKSON" on the title and leave me a link. I'm not picky where you put it, as long as you tell me somewhere that you've linked to my site.

If you want to enter the other contest, just tell me about your most intense celebrity stalker experience. Again, any post will do.

Also, as I mentioned, Joshilyn has agreed to answer questions from my blog-reader friends this week. If you have a question for her, just leave it on THIS post, and she'll drop in and answer it for you.

I will announce contest winners on Friday or Saturday, when I post the FABulous interview with Joshilyn. I'll be out of town over the weekend, but will have my computer with me. Be sure to stay tuned!!

Keep Turning Those Pages!!


T.C. said...

Happy Birthday, Joshilyn!

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday, Joshilyn! May you have a fantastic day!

Lisa Milton said...

Hi Dee,
I put my post up, just now.

Thanks a bunch.
Lisa Milton

Catherine said...

Happy belated b'day Joss. And here's my post:

I think it's funny that the commentor above me put "I am not a stalker" in her title and I categorized this post as "People I stalk." One woman's stalking is another woman's undying adoration.

another good thing said...

Not sure if you got my post info:
here I am again.. squeaky wheel and all that: