Monday, December 17, 2007

Do you know us? mini-contest

Books are pretty much what keep us sane. You know this. We love finding new authors and bringing them to you. You know this also. We have a monthly feature, called the FABPick, where we bring you a new author and their first (or new) release (or one of the first books published in a genre under a new name). So you know a few things about us already, right?

Here's a chance for us to see how well you've read us this year.

You have ONE DAY ONLY (that would be today, Tuesday, from 1200amET until the Wednesday post) to get in your entry for this very quick mini-contest for two free books. Contest is easy, really. All you have to do is tell us what our TOP THREE picks for 2007 will be.

On THIS post, leave us your comment. Say something like "I think that dee's TOP PICKS will be: 1.Blah; 2. Blah Blah; 3. Blah blah blah". Remember to distinguish between the D/dee's, please. Don't know which is which? Check out our FAQ page here for clues (and remember: Chari-Dee signs her posts "Take Care" and dee signs hers "Keep Turning Those Pages".)

And stay tuned all week long. We're going to do a FIVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS to count down our BEST OF THE BEST OF 2007. We're posting our #3 picks on Friday, #2 on Saturday, HMs on Sunday, #1 on Monday, and the BIG WINNER from this contest on Christmas morning. Don't forget to enter the contest, and tell your friends, blog it, or spread the word by skywriting for extra entries. Last year's winner got SEVEN free books, and I do believe that they were ALL signed by the authors.

Keep Turning Those Pages!!

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