Friday, December 21, 2007

The Best of the Best - NUMBER TWO(s)

We're getting quite a few entries in our Big Contest, and even a few in our mini-contest. That's great. It means that we get to give away books, and that's something that makes both of us very happy. Since the Big Contest prize is at least six books, some of them even signed by the author, you really should take the time to enter. It's pretty easy to do - you just have to tell us your favorite books of the year. And the mini-contest? Just as easy. Tell us how you found us. See? Piece of cake.

And speaking of cake... oh yes, we were! At least - I was. And if there is a cake, it should really be chocolate. And when I think of chocolate, I can't help but think of my number two pick. Do you already have it figured out?

Note from Chari-Dee: The BIG contest is going great, you guys sure do read some FAB books, keep the entries coming. It's a great prize. The mini-contest is running great too, We're loving hearing how you found us! So for the BIG one click here, for the mini-one click here. And while you're checking out the mini-contest, be sure to check out our partner on that one , for even more contests!

dee's #2 pick is...

Blame It On Paris, by the FABulous Laura Florand

(You can read dee's review here, as well as an interview from Laura here.)

This is one of the funnest, truest, loveliest breaks I've ever been given. From Paris to my beloved South, Laura Florand captures the essence of the places she calls home. Whether she's rollerblading through the streets in the City of Lights or introducing her almost in-laws to a Waffle House, her voice is strong and vibrant, as rich as the French chocolate that she loves so much.

When trying to pick my Best of the Best this year, this book was a no-brainer for my list. I loved it the first time I held it in my chocolate covered hands, and I love it still, almost an entire year later. I pick it up often to flip through the pages and see what kind of insights into myself Laura will hand me through her words. Or sometimes, I just pick it up to see if it still smells of truffles (it does!). Regardless of the reason though, the fact remains - in a house as crammed full of books as mine, me picking up a book that I first read almost 12 months ago means something.

If you haven't had the pleasure of indulging in this perfect convection of France and The South, you should remedy that situation immediately. Go pick up this book. Or add it to your Christmas list. It's a wonderful read that I enjoyed then, and continue to enjoy now!!

Keep Turning Those Pages!!


Chari-Dee's #2 Pick:

Adios To My Old Life by Caridad Ferrer

(For Chari-Dee's original dish click here)

As you can see, I couldn't sing the praises enough of this book when I picked to be my fist ever FAB, and that hasn't changed. I've re-read my copy too many times to count, I've bought extra copies for friends and family. At every turn I've mentioned this book to readers wanting a great read.

Don't let the YA label fool you, Caridad has penned a great story for women of all ages, there's a bit of Romance, but the story is all about dreams, and how one young woman did anything in the world to fulfil hers and live her passion. If you haven't read this one yet, I recommend you run, yes run, not walk or jog, run, out and get it NOW! It truly is a story for anyone who's been told they can't, faced adversity and over-come, it's a story for anyone who dreams of one day grabbing the bull by the horns and going for. Ali's story in Adios will forever be one of my all time favorites, what an amazing character and Ferrer's voice is so clear, so strong, so heartfelt, Caridad will be one to be looking for for years to come!

Take Care


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Another round of great books! I can't wait to see the number ones! :D

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I haven't read these two booke either!

Laura Florand said...

Why, thank you, you sweetheart! :)