Monday, July 30, 2007

FAB Snag

Sorry for the silence (again). My dear sister in TX invited my family to join her family in Galveston for a few days at a beach house. I could NOT refuse that offer, and we have been gone since Wed night enjoying the beach. I was sad to come home. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Michele e-mailed me while I was away and is under a heinous deadline and so she asked that we give her just a little bit more time while she works on the book. No problem, I said, as I want that next book. And I want it now! So please, bear with us and Michele as she works her FAB magic on the third installment of the Broken Heart vampires. Until then, her right hand, Ter, is stepping in over on her blog and is going to be having a party. Kinda like, when the vampire's away, the bats can play.

So, here's a quick note from Ter to let you know what will be happening, and a heads up on lots more Michele goodies that can be won:

So Michele Bardsley has squirreled herself away to finish book 3 of her Vampire Novels titles Because Your Vampire Said So. Since I have the keys to the kingdom - as it were - I have decided to take over her blog this week and give away goodies to the fans. Although we all LOVE Michele, things do get a little boring when she isn't around to entertain us with her wit and humor.

First contest up : Pick the funniest title that Michele will NEVER use. I will be giving away a signed copy of Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire and a copy of any of Michele's E-books.

I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants, but tomorrow I am hoping to blog about my Favorite characters from Michele's books and why I like them. I will most likely give away some more e-books somehow tomorrow, but I have not decided on the contest yet.

Feel free to drop by and enter the contests and have some fun with us while Michele is otherwise engaged :)

If you stop by to play, please let Ter and Michele know that I sent ya, and I'll enter ya double into the FAB contest here.

Take Care

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