Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blogging Nationals

dee is in the BIG D (hahahaha I am so funny sometimes) and has been updating her blog a couple (or more) times a day. Check it out here.

Also, big thanks for all the prayers sent for our small town during this disaster. We have a long way to go, but things are moving right along. Please continue to think of all the families that have lost everything (my sister included).

Take Care

FROM dee

Check out the list of books that I've gotten, then leave your comments on THIS POST to tell me which ones I should review here first.

PLUS - I will be giving away a small bag of books from Nationals. Enter here by telling me in the comments of THIS POST which author you'd do the FanGirlSquee for, if you happened to pass her in the hall.

Keep Turning Those Pages!


danetteb said...

Hi Dee,
I'd FanGirlSquee for Michelle Rowen,her books crack me up and she is always sweet to chat with online. *g*
Hugs, Danette

Lis said...

Hi Dee,
I second the fangirl for Michelle Rowen. I LOVE her books. :o)

Karen said...

A review for Lynsay Sands book or Pat Gaffney's would be nice or both :)

Fan girl squee? Jennifer Crusie. I don't know if I'd be able to say a coherent sentence if I met her.

WapakGram said...

Dee- of your list, I would say LLMiller. I've read her for a long time.

Karen, Jenny was so nice the first time we met. It was great that she and Bob talked first so we could gawk before we had to talk!

Thanks for the info on Michelle Rowan. I'll look for her books!

Katrina said...

A review for Lynsay Sands would be great.

As for who would get the squeel, Lynsay Sands. I adore her Argenau books. =D

Anonymous said...

FanGirlSquee - Easy . . . The Cherry (Of Course), Suz Brockmann, and Nora.

Wapa - good advice . . . gawk first then talk! Got it.

Marcia in oK

Cherry Red said...

MAD DASH!!!! I want this book now. :) But it's not out for a while so... Hoping to love vicariously through you.

Cherry Red said...

Hoping to love vicariously through you.

That's live vicariously through you. Ha.

dee said...

My FGSF was Vicki Lewis Thompson. Then I did another for Victoria Alexander. Hmmm, wonder if it's the name?

I also squeed over Barbara Samuel and Caridad Ferrer. And SEP, of course.

I don't squee over The Cherry anymore. I simply try to sit quietly in the back of the room, bask in her greatness and hope to God I remembered to turn my cell phone off!

McB said...

Oh, geez, I think I'd probably squee over all of them. Um, well, I DO still squee over Jenny. Or I would if I wasn't struck completely dumb. And, um, I think I would squee over Kay Hooper, JAK and SEP. I've been struck dumb over Nora. I'm just afraid to open my mouth for fear that something really stupid would come out. And that's just the romance authors. I've got major hero-worship issues.