Thursday, February 15, 2007

FAb Pick - and some Traveling woes

Thanks to Dee for picking up my slack yesterday and posting that interview with Laura. Isn't Laura too funny? The book is proof of that. I'm not at all surprised to find that we have so many entries for the Monday contest about WEDDING HYSTERIA, quite possibly because it involves truffles. Yesterday's interview contains a contest in which you get to tell what image pops into your head when someone says Paris, kinda like the final scene in "Ghostbusters" when they're all on the roof and are supposed to void their minds of everything or whatever they think of will be brought there to kill them, and the Stay-Puft marshmallow man shows up for their doom? Now, every time the kids want to roast marshmallows, I see Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray covered in gloop. A shrink would have a field day with my free-word associations, huh? I have one or three for Paris as well, and one of them is TRAVEL. Which brings us to TODAY.

Today, I am on my second day of a road trip that will bring me to my younger brother. We're traveling in the car with all six kids, and it's been SUCH a blast. Parts of it have reminded me of Laura's book, Blame It On Paris. Because Laura travels a LOT in her book. As a matter of fact, most everyone travels a LOT in her book.

So, since this is a sort of "Bonus FAB Pick Post", and I'm not giving away a signed book today, but I still want to give something away... ANOTHER CONTEST. (I am a little concerned that you guys are shying away from my Tuesday contest though. If I tell you that my destination is some place really cool, will you play? And you only have to get a few right, or maybe even just attempt to answer.) Anyhow, I want to hear a funny travel story today. And I'll bet that Laura would appreciate one as well. See, when you've lived (or are currently experiencing) any sort of travel hysteria, it often helps to laugh at the woes and misfortunes of others. Ok, I promise I won't laugh at you guys. I may only snicker a bit, as a form of stress-relief, you understand.

And the prize? It's a surprise prize. But it will involve a book, maybe even Laura's book. But it will NOT be signed, because we're only giving away THREE signed copies this week. One on Monday with the truffles, for Wedding Hysteria. One for Wednesday, for the best "What I think of when I hear Paris, and What I Blame that image on" story, and then TOMORROW. You'll have to check back to see what that one will be, but it will be fun, I promise!

Keep Turning Those Pages!


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Laura Florand said...

I suppose I can't enter this one either. Darn. Because I have good travel tales. My parents used to travel around the U.S. for 6 week camping trips with SEVEN kids. (I'm such a one-upper. Notice, though, that I only had one kid myself.)

Plus, I just HAPPEN to know where you are going, and am envious of prizes.

Have a great trip, dee! I know you guys will have so much fun. Once the car trip is over.