Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tour For Elaine Viets

On my Home Page for dee & Dee I subscribe to a Word of the Day type thing, I love this because I love words and am always looking for a new one to whip out and impress those around me. Today's word was "procrastinate." I had to laugh. I think it was trying to tell me something, because under synonyms it said "Chari-Dee". No lie. Anyway, I realize I'm behind on posting new dishes, and I have a ton to do, but I've been re-reading the entire Sookie Stackhouse series just to refresh my memory so that I can dive into the newest one All Together Dead tonight. I am so excited. I do so love Sookie Stackhouse!

dee and I love doing this book blog, it has given us the chance to "meet" some incredible people. Readers and authors alike. We are always astonished at the giving nature of authors, and we love to spread the word of their books. So when I heard that authors and fans were banning together to help Elaine Viets as she recovers from her stroke, I knew I had to get involved too. I've been reading Helen's adventures for quite a while now, and it's because of these books that I discovered other series to enjoy. I've found many hours of enjoyment from these books and am honored to help.

Here's the deal. Elaine has suffered a stroke, and while she is recovering remarkably, she will be unable to tour for her May 1 release MURDER WITH RESERVATIONS: A Dead-End Job Mystery. Many authors are stepping up and doing a "Tour" for her. You can find event places and times here, as well as much more information.

To do my part, I'm going to offer one of our readers a copy of TWO of Elaine's books. All you need to do is go here and copy the code for the book and tell a little about what's going on. Make sure you link to us and leave a comment so I know it's been done. OR, if you have already bought, or will be buying Elaine's new book, take a picture of you with it or scan in a copy of the receipt and you will be entered as well!

Let's all ban together for such a wonderful cause and GREAT books.

By Elaine Viets
NAL Hardcover. $21.95
ISBN: 0-451-22111-7
On sale May 1, 2007
(preorders accepted any time by your favorite bookstores)

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